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Dodge Sprinter

Veronica B. of Montgomery, Alabama is a businesswoman with a flair for the colorful. Wanting to combine her savvy business sense with her remarkable creative streak, Veronica decided to open shop as a premiere florist, catering to upscale patrons and lavish weddings. Despite her fabulous taste and style, Veronica’s working day is spent on four wheels, driving to various greenhouses and homes, delivering and arranging on the go.

To ensure that her business continues to grow and make money, Veronica needed to upgrade her delivery van. The Dodge Sprinter cargo van was a perfect fit for Veronica and her growing business. Whether she is transporting raw uncut flowers or perfectly detailed large wedding arrangements, Veronica knows that she can get where she needs to be in as few trips as possible. The large size means that she can handle big jobs that her smaller compact personal car would never been able to manage.

All it took was one test drive of the Dodge Sprinter van for all of Veronica’s fears to disappear. Sitting behind the wheel, Veronica was impressed by the Dodge Sprinter’s ability to handle curves smoothly. New to the world of vans, the Dodge Sprinter handled as smoothly as her compact car. Over bumpy terrain or smooth suburban streets, the ride remained consistent and smooth. With deadlines to meet and important deliveries to make, the last thing Veronica wanted to worry about was an uncomfortable ride. Veronica was impressed with the ease with which she was able to drive the van, which would mean that, unlike bulkier vans, she would need no special training.

The root of this smooth ride and the spacious cargo hold is the Dodge Sprinter design. The Dodge Sprinter name is synonymous with consistent quality in cargo transportation. As a small businesswoman, Veronica cannot afford to be off the road for too long. Every day spent with her van in the shop means deliveries not being made, which is a nightmare scenario for any of the brides who are counting on Veronica. Veronica is confident knowing that her Dodge Sprinter will last her many years with little trouble, until she’s ready to move onto the newest and more innovative Dodge Sprinter of the future.

Veronica, always a businesswoman, was quickly able to see the other factors in which the Dodge Sprinter van would save her money. The Dodge Sprinter’s base price was easily affordable on her extremely limited budget. Even better, the fuel efficient engine design meant Veronica would actually be saving money in the end. The Dodge Sprinter’s powerful diesel engine provides consistently better gas mileage than other comparable cargo vans on the market. With lower gas bills, Veronica is able to keep her overhead low and spend more money on developing her business.

Like the Dodge Sprinter van, Veronica has managed to find success by utilizing all of the aspects of her personality. No matter what the future holds for Veronica or her business, she feels comfortable that the Dodge Sprinter cargo van was the right choice for her.